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22 Feb 2017

The Breviary, that is certainly padre pio prayers the Liturgy on the Hours, is e-book of prayers inside the Roman Rite on the Catholic Church.

The four quantity set follows the Liturgical Calendar of the Church. Volume I Advent to Christmas, Volume II Lent and Easter, Volume III Common Time, Volume IV Normal time.

The Breviary is really a selection of prayers, hymns, psalms, Bible readings, and readings from your Church Fathers and Saints.

Notice: All Volumes provide the main Desk of Contents in the entrance. With the back are: Appendix I - Canticles and Gospel Readings for Vigils; Appendix II - Shorter sorts of the Intercessions for use at Night Prayer; Appendix III - Extra prayers to be used on the Liturgy in the Hrs; Appendix IV -...